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Cabling Services

Comprehensive VoIP, Data and Voice Cabling services

Manage your communications and data flow conveniently

A complete cabling and VoIP phone solutions services

Network Repairs is a certified and carry scissor lift license, WSIB certificates and follow all rules to complete your voice cabling needs flawlessly. We also coordinate with you or other construction and furniture companies and respect their timings to work as a team for least conflicts. We can provide a thoughtful process to voice cabling aspect where IT knowledge merges with cabling. A fore-thought to VLANs, data flow or prevention of looping issues are some of the norms which help in giving your cabling project a success story. Voice-Data-Fiber of what speed 100/1Gb/10Gb (Cat5/Cat6-CRM/CMP-LC-SC) requirements and in what sections, how far can be discussed to make an informed decisions. As an IT company we can as well provide you with Network equipments like switches, fiber converts, Transceivers etc to compliment your cabling needs. We have helped many companies to achieve success since 2001 from our voice cabling projects.

Complete Structured Cabling Package

Removing your nightmares is something we do well. Fully entangled cabling requires a great deal of care, massive preparation work, a forethought massive number of extra patch chords and lots of care to come up with a successful cleanup of the mess which has accumulated over the years. Structured cabling helps save money as it helps reduce time in servicing the issues eliminating long downtimes for the company. We have effectively completed structured cabling cleanup projects in multiple banks and large and small companies with minimum downtime and helped in moving Racks from one Server Room to another.

Methodological Cabling Project delivery

Our approach for any cabling project is highly methodologic. It involves considerations such as:

Quality Installation:High quality industry standard plenum cabling
Scalable Upgrades: Support future upgrades – the modular design make cabling moves, additions and changes easy and hassle-free
Easy Maintenance: Cleaner cable management due to reduced cabling bulk and congestion
Safety & Cost: Competitive pricing, certified installations. All Cables tested and labeled before handover
Detailed Diagram: We provide all our client a cabling diagram of the network cabling connectivity and reference

Multi Location Phone Solutions

VoIP is an effective and simple solution to connect the entire multilocation company with single 1-8XX number worldwide, North America wide or Canada Wide by binding the entire company by extension numbers. This enables businesses to make telephone calls via the internet or on a secure internal WAN-LINKS, thereby eliminating needs of expensive traditional phone systems.
Businesses are shifting to VoIP to take advantage of better flexibility, unification, simple recording, consistency and budget control by adopting a trending technology that will only continue to evolve in near future. Features include:

Single Reception: Handle multiple locations with an efficient single reception
Reach Function: Extends calls conveniently to your cell phones and call back using office number
Voice to email: Conveniently email your voice mails and access from anywhere
Easy Setup: Easy to make changes, add messages, and setup /activate Monitoring and Recording: Monitoring and recording all the phone calls, including conference calls

Trusted Partnerships

Network Repairs has partnered with Cisco, Allworx, e-Metrotel, Vantect, Yealink and Grand stream VoIP systems to setup reliable business phone systems with quality VoIP Server, IP Phones and switches.

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