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Surveillance Camera services

One-stop shop for variety of Surveillance
camera integration services

Keep your premises safe and monitored

A comprehensive security and surveillance camera installation service.

Surveillance Camera keep you and your personal property safe, Installing a closed-circuit television (CCTV) system can be complicated. From a simple stand-alone access system that enables an operator to monitor remotely from a control room, to a fully networked PC based access system which is capable of transmitting signals from multiple places to multiple users, you can count on our security camera installation service. Businesses are encouraged to have the surveillance camera system installed to mitigate the risk of property and identity theft, safety and security of workers.

Major features include:

  • Setup Monitoring Apps on handheld devices
  • Professional Cabling routing to ensure security, efficiency, and durability
  • Initialize remote backup for all recorded video, and to keep data safe
  • Additional Tech. Support

Wide range of security cameras

We specialize in a wide range of security cameras and consult upon appropriate selection suitable for your business needs.

  • DVR Security System
  • Digital Security Systems
  • PoE Security System
  • Wireless Security System

Power Protection

Complete power fall back options provided to keep the cameras and Camera server working in the event of a power failure

Value-added services

As Network Repairs is an IT support and service provider offering security camera solutions, we offer much more value-added services such as:

Managed IT Services: monitoring records to ascertain if the camera is working properly Security Services: To ensure backups are properly recorded and protect the camera servers

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