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Server Virtualization

Optimize IT infrastructure, Easy availability of servers, Optimize performance and increase space quickly

Server virtualization service without downtime

A customized and strategic server virtualization service

Server virtualization helps in cost reduction by utilization of single hardware server to multiple virtual servers (VMs). It improves efficiencies highly by separating different functions/services. VMs also improves security and data availability. Server virtualization can also be multi Operating systems Windows/Linux/Unix etc with different functions like File Server/Exchange Server/Security Server etc. This gives you the flexibility and eliminates the need of purchasing separate hardware for each. In this way it reduces the service, management, monitoring and support costs.
Our Server virtualization experts draft a custom solution by evaluating your hardware configuration with capacity, usage and safety system tolerance to maximize your hardware usage under a secure environment that's why we can safely draft a fully customized, optimized, and fully functioning Server Virtualization Service for your business in Brampton.

  • Optimized IT Infrastructure
  • Better system performance
  • Physical space optimization
  • Lower operational costs
  • Combined with backup solutions for Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity

Optimized and Simplified IT Infrastructure

Our virtualization experts can analyze your current hardware configurations, capacity, usage and efficiency bottlenecks.
We can safely draft a fully customized, optimized and fully functioning solution for you


Scalability is one of the critical features of virtualization.

At Network Repairs we draft a virtualization proposal considering scalability as important as ease of use and ease of change.

  • Futuristic Strategy
  • Scalable Plans

Certified VM Professionals

Highly proficient and specialized professionals.

With many years of experience and certifications, our highly skilled team has virtualized so many different operating systems which do not even support virtualization. We use specialized software and tools plus hardware to virtualize different operating systems with the way they are virtualized with ease. We have experience in following technologies

  • Hyper-V
  • VMware
  • Citrix

Bundled Services

Bundle virtualization with monitoring, maintenance and support plus backup.

We can help you with a complete solution by bundling virtualization of your server/s with 24/7 Monitoring, Managed IT Services and backup solution. You will receive bundled discounts, have peace of mind as you will find an efficient running network reducing overall IT costs with low downtime.

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