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Network Security

A comprehensive security program for Internal andExternal threats to your network

Protect your valuable business data

An overall 360-Degree comprehensive network security foundation to run your network safely and reliably

Data is one of the most crucial assets your business has and that's why keeping your network secure is important for all businesses. Network repairs offers a comprehensive network security foundation to safeguard businesses against external threats by implementing suitable antivirus software, spam filter, ransomware protection and active monitoring. A solid network security system helps reduce the risk of data loss, theft and sabotage

Security threats

External threats, and internal threats are equally dangerous. We design and deploy network security measures such as-

This includes

  • Proper directory structure
  • Password protection
  • User level authority
  • Layers of security
  • Effective policies to prevent loss of business data and customer information

Firewall Protection

Simple routers do not provide adequate level of security needed to safeguard critical business data.
We recommend deploying a hardware-based firewall that monitors incoming and outgoing internet traffic and accessibility. These firewalls have many features like packet inspection, user control, VPN capabilities, multi-Internet, load balancing and lot more. We are authorized suppliers and partners with major brand names like

This includes

  • SonicWALL
  • Fortinet

Anti-Virus Software

Our Anti-virus products are embedded in our managed services to protect, monitor, update and control the environment. We have specialized AV products to protect and remedy from Ransomware threats.

Coupled with our IT manages services we offer following monitoring services:

  • Anti-Virus Definition check
  • Regular Server and PC Scan Checks
  • AV version updates

Spam Filter

It is well known that just one click on a fishing email link could bring down a network. Protection from such threats are critical.
To provide secure email protection for businesses, spam filters are necessary, and they use collective threat intelligence and machine learning to help protect email against

This includes

  • Spam
  • Email-borne threats like viruses or malware
  • Spear phishing
  • Social engineering attacks
  • Impersonation
  • Spoofing

We deploy multi-layered protection to safe guard from these threats.

Ransomware Protection

Our triple layer backup with ransomware protection software are unparalleled in security. We can GUARANTEE the safety of your Data

This includes

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