Managed IT Security Services

As cyber threats continue to become more and more sophisticated, organizations need to expand their security capabilities accordingly. Our security services cover aspects from your end users, network, data, and users to bridge any possible gap.

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Enhance Your Security Spectrum

As more and more of business relies on IT and your data becomes the heart of your business, cyber threats become one of the major challenges. It is unimaginable to not be prepared to handle a cyber-attack due to skills shortage, outdated software and hardware, and budget constraints to upgrade security system. Network Repairs’ Managed Security Services are designed to improvise your threat management & security operations and optimize costs to shield your IT environment and proactively prevent attacks.

Our Managed IT Security Services

Our Managed Security services arm you with comprehensive, yet flexible services to monitor, maintain, and optimize your IT environment while advising you on the latest threat protection to ensure maximum IT security 24/7.

Managed End-user Security

  • 24/7 monitoring & proactive maintenance
  • Multi-factor authentication & self-service password reset (SSPR)

  • Identity and access management

  • Endpoint Security: Email and Web Security
  • Data loss prevention
  • Managed Anti-Virus

Device Management

  • Microsoft Intune & Defender Advanced Threat Protection expertise

  • Firewall management

  • Virus, malware, ransomware protection

  • Server and database protection

Critical Data & Asset Protection

  • Threat detection, monitoring & reporting

  • Shadow IT discovery

  • Proper directory structure

  • Group policy and IT Scheme

  • User level authority

  • Effective policies to prevent loss of business data and customer information

  • Compliance maintenance

Network Security

  • On-Premises Maintenance

  • DDoS Protection and Mitigation

  • Firewall & Network Protection

  • Data In Transit Protection

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