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New office set-up

We get you started quickly, smoothly and reliably. It doesn't matter whether you are starting new dental business or moving to a new location, we will fast-track your office's entire IT outlook. From developing network designs, plan and performing installations, setup dental software, installation, network security and everything that a dental business need.

Dental Software Support

We are official vendors/partners with some of the leading dental practice management software. We will install, configure and integrate practice management software applications and continue giving you support, should you choose us as your IT managed services partners.

Compliance Consulting

Everyone knows how critical keeping patient data secure is, but most offices either do not know how to comply with compliance laws or are unaware of them. We help you in achieving compliance implementation related to data safety.

  • PHIPA compliance assessment
  • Upgrade IT according to regulatory requirements and latest changes
  • Training to staff
  • Continuous Monitoring

Managed IT Services

We have comprehensive and Reliable IT support modules for Dental professionals in the GTA with a budget friendly subscription rate. Your staff will have access to our trained IT support engineers.

  • comprehensive and Reliable IT support Plans for Dental professionals
  • Budget friendly subscription rate
  • Access to our trained IT support engineers round the clock

Managed Firewall

Firewalls are a first line of defense in network security and an integral part of a business's overall cyber security strategy. However, for firewalls to remain effective, they require regular maintenance, monitoring, and management.
That's where Managed Firewall services comes into play. A firewall is not a set it and forget it type of product. It requires upkeep and maintenance to make sure it is protecting your business.

  • Policy configuration, updates and management
  • Patch Management
  • Proactive monitoring with monthly reports
  • Managing firewall rules, filtering as per compliance requirements

Managed Server

Our Managed Server Service allows you to focus on your primary business while improving the efficiency of support systems to meet the diverse needs of business.
Managing your server and keeping it complaint to PHIPA is critical for a dental business. We manage your server infrastructure - both hardware and operating system - on your behalf.

  • Server Monitoring
  • Standard Reporting (Availability, Utilization)
  • Backup Monitoring
  • Incident Logging and management
  • Change management
  • Server patch management

Telecom Solutions

We incorporate major state of the art Business Phone Systems. We help you select a system that permits you to transfer calls between phones or dental clinics. Never miss a call, and set a programmable auto attendant, record calls, and so much more.

AV solutions

We offer personalized solutions for custom tailoring your office technology. TV screens, patient waiting/queue token display systems, and Audio video entertainment can help provide a relaxing atmosphere for your patients.

  • TV screens and information display
  • patient waiting/queue token display systems
  • Audio video entertainment

Security Solutions

CCTV has become an integral part of security solutions for any business including dental clinics. Deploying a CCTV solution in your dental clinic offers multiple advantages such as remote clinic administration, legal protection, and insurance claims against fire or theft.

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