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Managed IT Services

Need your IT infra monitored, secured and maintained? Let us know.

Managing backend IT shouldn't be your core focus. Our comprehensive preventative maintenance covers all aspects of your network. We remotely monitor your network 24/7 making sure the issues are dealt with even before they arise.

Network Security

Are you looking for 360-degree comprehensive network security?

Possibly Data is one of the most crucial assets your business has and that's why keeping your network secure is important for all businesses. Network repairs offers a comprehensive security foundation to run your network safely and reliably against all kinds of threats.

Network Upgrade

Learn how you can upgrade and stabilize your IT Infra and optimize resources?

Network Repairs offers complete upgrade solutions tailored to your business size, ERP software requirements and future goals. Hardware lifecycle may also demand constant upgrades to your network, and it may affect system performance drastically.

Backup Solutions

Stay prepared for an unprecedented disaster and minimize your damages and downtime.

NetworkRepairs specializes in offering expert backup solutions at an affordable flat fee to efficiently protect business' data. We offer onsite, offsite and remote/cloud backup service with disaster recovery and business continuity.

Server Virtualization

Virtual server can run multiple operating system instances. Optimize your resources today!

Network Repairs provides virtualization service including new/used Dell/HP server or existing server's VM migration, application delivery, and networking. We draft a virtualization strategy with scalability consideration to ensure future upgrade with ease.

VoIP, Data and Voice Cabling

One stop solution for all cabling needs and VoIP phones

We offer a comprehensive package that includes services such as: Phone setup, Phone programming, data and voice cabling, and clean up services for old cabling mess. We provide all our client a cabling diagram of the network cabling connectivity and reference for future upgrades.

Surveillance Camera

Mitigate the risk of property and identity theft, safety and security of workers.

We offer a wide-range of security cameras and specialize in digital systems including: DVR, Digital, PoE and Wireless Security System. We also offer much more value-added services such as checking the monitoring records and to ascertain if the camera is working properly via our Managed IT Services.

  • Cloud Services & Remote work solutions
  • Office 365
  • Microsoft Teams
  • Remote work tools

Work from home

Enable your employees to work efficiently from their own homes with Office 365 ensuring that Lockdown measures don't affect your business output. Office 365 provides them access to their email, files, and productivity apps from anywhere. As one of the most celebrated Cloud productivity platform in the world, Office 365 is the ultimate work-from-home solution.

Office 365 includes features:

  • Share, store, and collaborate on documents from anywhere
  • Connect with your team through email, chat, and video calls
  • Flexible and simple deployment

Cloud Services & Remote work solutions

Working remotely appears to be new essential Trend and a smart management strategy

You need cost-effective solutions to boost productivity, stay connected with customers and embrace the new normal posed by COVID-19. We have a range of remote work solutions to suit your needs. We will assess your requirements to design the best combination of tools.

Integrate Office 365 with Microsoft Teams, a popular communication and collaboration platform from Microsoft that is built into most Office 365 subscriptions.

Microsoft Teams comes packed with amazing collaboration tools your employees need for business operations, including:

  • One-on-one and group instant messaging
  • Collaboration spaces for multi-team projects and initiatives
  • Integration with Microsoft's productivity suite (SharePoint, Word, PowerPoint, Excel, etc.)
  • Voice and Video calling

More remote work tools

  • Remote access License to your PC
  • Remote access to your Data via Firewall + VPN licenses
  • Remote access to your application via > VPN or RDS (Remote Desktop Server)
  • NAS – Data availability
  • VoIP phone systems
  • Servers in Data Center
  • Azure & AWS
  • CiscoWebX

Our Methodology


Let us give you an objective, 360 view of your IT infrastructure. We will show you where you're doing great and identify all the risks in your IT ecosystem.


Our award winning team can provide objective guidance and collaboration; you'll never spend more than necessary, and you'll never buy anything you don't need.


Everything we build for clients is something we use in production for ourselves. If it's not good enough for us, it's not good enough for our clients.


Get off the IT treadmill and let our experts worry about your backend IT infrastructure so you can free up your time and help transform your business.

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